About SignalsRank

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Optimization, Development, Strategy, Content

Founded by Amory Hall, we’ve been in the online and digital optimization business for more than a decade and in Web development, strategy and performance analytics for almost fifteen. We specialize in technical optimization: configuring servers and websites to ensure every aspect of a brand’s online presence — websites, social profiles, apps, assets and objects — is optimized for search and browsers as well as for users. We also handle on-page & and social profile optimization, user interface/UX optimization, and content production.

Ranking Signals, Search Engines & Browsers

Our methodology is based on Ranking Signals. Everything on your website and your social profiles sends out digital “signals”. Search engines use them to rank your pages, social networks use them to rank your profiles, browsers use them to display your content. They look for specific elements that should be on your site, and for specific activities in social networks and online communities. They also note what’s missing among the thousands of data points communicating server settings, site code, page content, social objects, online interactions and more.

We simulate as closely as possible how search engines and browsers “see” and “read” your online/digital “footprint”, weighting and scoring content like they do — they don’t “count” like humans do. We then remove obstacles and load up on the good stuff.

The goal is to make websites and social profiles work as efficiently for search engines and browsers as for humans. At an advanced level, the goal is to make the entire brand, from infrastructure to interfaces, assets to objects, machine processable (not just machine readable).