Client Experience & Testimonials

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Client Experience & Testimonials


“Since implementing SignalsRank’s recommendations in February, we’ve seen a big improvement in our website presence in Google, Facebook and Twitter and a corresponding improvement on click-throughs and booking inquiries over the same period last year. One of our sites is getting over a hundred percent increase in traffic, another is up over a fifth. We’re in a seasonal and very competitive market, so these kinds of improvements make a big difference to our business. One of the main benefits of using SignalsRank is that it has given us some structure to follow. Prior to this we had amassed a lot of content, but SignalsRank has helped us to refine this and put it into a tighter structure.” Iain L, holiday rentals agency

“The data Signalsrank gets from the Internet is a goldmine.” Gordon M., Director, sustainable construction industry association.

“Signalsrank assessed how we appeared to search engines on the Web and on social networks. The resulting analysis was useful across all our marketing activities, not just the obvious Web ones.” Charles P., Marketing Director, banking and financial services.

“Amory and Signalsrank helped us understand and deal with technical issues on our site to improve its search rankings. We especially appreciated that their recommendations were based on hard data, and that they clearly explained the Why, not just the What, of their implementation. Our site is now well indexed and in the Google Top 20 results for our priority keyphrase.” Henrietta H. MD, international financial and investor relations.

“Signalsrank’s work on our site structure, page templates and content helped push us up to the first page of Google for our most important keywords.” Donald L, MD, security services.

“Signalsrank’s diagnosis of our server prompted us to make significant changes to improve our site’s user experience and ability to be found in search.” Nicholas L, MD, production services.

“Amory provided a thorough technical analysis of how we could improve our website technology for Google and our visitors’ browsers. His recommendations were central to the successful re-development of our site and of our increased efforts on social media.” Jeremy R, MD, educational financial services.

“My commissions come through referrals so optimizing my site for search engines wasn’t a priority. What was important is that my art displays fast and clearly on any device. SignalsRank helped my site designer achieve what I wanted.” Stuart B, fine artist.

Selected client experience includes: