Programmatic Diagnostics & Optimization

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Programmatic Diagnostics & Optimization

Humans have biases, prejudices, selective memory.

Machines do not.

Machines run the Internet. They determine search rankings, social connections, and the content that human audiences consume. They do this programmatically, using AI and machine learning as well as algorithms, i.e., without human intervention.

So you need to get it right for the machines if you are going to reach, engage with and drive your audience to take an action you want. The best way to do it is to take the lead from the machines. We do this through programmatic diagnostics & optimization. As the diagram below shows, a comprehensive digital footprint reveals areas and activities where you need to improve more precisely that the human eye can spot.

A programmatic machine scan of a brand's online footprint

The programmatic methods used by machines to build a digital scan of a brand’s online footprint

Programmatic Diagnostics

Programmatic diagnostics remove humans from technical processes as far as possible and view them as machines do. We examine what you have (the good and the bad), what you’ve got that you shouldn’t have, and what you’re missing but should have.

Programmatic Optimization

Programmatic optimization eliminates the blocks, bumps and traps for machines that sit in the path between you and your audiences. We fix technical problems, fill content gaps, damp down the wrong social signals and amp up the right ones.

Result: Comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective optimization for you, and a better experience for your users.