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Technical Optimization Workshops & Knowledge Transfer

With Google shifting toward a more critical evaluation of website structures, and with an ever increasing range of browsers and devices accessing them, it’s time to take a look at your own technical optimization capabilities. And make them part of your team’s everyday thinking, not just a stand-alone “SEO” project. SignalsRank offers technical knowledge transfer workshops to do just that.

digital knowledge transfer teaches lasting benefits

digital knowledge transfer: Like teaching people to fish instead of giving them a fish

On the principle that if you give someone a fish you feed them for a day but if you teach them to fish you feed them for a lifetime, we’re offering a day-long digital knowledge transfer workshop for your team, in your offices.

Technical Knowledge Transfer Benefits your Team:

Optimization was never only about on-page keyword placement. And it’s even less so now. Back-end technology increasingly matters. The workshop is not about learning to check a set of boxes by rote. Instead, it deals with the fundamental principles of how search engines and browsers interact with Web and digital platform technologies, enabling them to gain advanced technical insights they can apply in their field. In other words, they’ll learn to fish instead of having a fish for one meal.

Technical Workshop Topics:

Overview: How machines read anything digital 1/2 hour
Server 1.5 hours
Site-wide apps 2 hours
On-page 1.5 hours
Backlinks 1 hour
Social & blogs 1.5 hours

Who Should Attend Digital Workshops?

Back- and front-end developers
Content & Brand executives
Social media & digital PR executives
SEO, SMO, SEM executives
Account managers

And anyone who wants to understand where digital technology and the Google Game are likely headed in the next few years.

Cost: £2,000 for up to 8 participants. For the equivalent of a half-month’s salary for a good SEO, your team will learn lasting knowledge.

We think your clients and your business are worth it. It you do too, please contact us.

We provide full post-workshop consulting via Web conferencing, file sharing and collaboration tools.