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Apple Enters the Search Market

Applebot heralds Apple’s own search portal Rather than just using third party results (Apple recently dumped Google for Bing, which should tell you something), it looks like Apple is building its own index. That’s what bots are for… Right now, Applebot behaves like Googlebot. Expect that to change. If Apple combines portal search with Siri and search built into the iPhone OS — and if it doesn’t splatter ads over every search page and re-sell every user action — then Google will have to watch out (but at least the anti-trust/monopoly cases will go away).

Siri, voice activated search

Will Siri, Apple’s voice-activated search and intelligent personal assistant, which is powered by Bing, merge with Apple’s new Spotlight search tool? The real question keeping SEOs up at night is, Who’ll be the Matt Cutts of Apple…? Stay tuned.

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