PR Services Hacked

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PR Services Hacked, Hackers Trade off Inside Information The US recently charged hackers with breaking into PR Newswire, Business Wire and Marketwired’s servers and trading off earnings releases before they were published. IR managers at public companies will inevitably assess security not only at newswire services which distribute announcements but also at their investor relations […]

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Big Data Downsized for Small Businesses

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Small Businesses can use Big Data — if it’s Downsized Every day, billions of sources — transaction records, mobile phone signals, weather sensors, traffic cameras, electricity meters, digital photos and videos, social media posts, website click-streams — create quintillions of bytes of data (2.5 quintillions, according to IBM. A quintillion is 10 X 18 trillion). […]

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Top 50 Commercial Websites For Sustainability

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Sustainability: The Top 50 Commercial Websites The Top 50 Commercial Websites as Ranked by Google for Sustainability   In March, to follow up on February’s Top 50 Institutional website list, we produced a list of the Top 50 Commercial websites judged by Google to be the most relevant for the query “sustainability”. The March […]

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