Google squeezes badly built poorly structured sites

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Google squeezes badly built, poorly structured websites Google is evaluating website technology more critically, which will especially impact SME sites. Here’s how to avoid bad practices that will be punished. Recently — apart from all the content updates — we’ve seen Google: Requiring responsiveness and mobile friendliness Penalizing server errors Preferring secure sites in some […]

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templates & plugins

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Generic page templates & plugins common to content management systems (CMS) An earlier post looked at tips for using WordPress. This post goes into a little more detail on some of the structural pitfalls of generic templates and plugins found in CMS like Joomla and Drupal as well as WordPress and Magento. CMS can ease the […]

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Tips for using WordPress

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Using WordPress as a Website Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is a great product but it can cause problems unless it’s set up and used correctly. Below are some helpful hints for those using or thinking of using it. They apply equally to other good CMS like Joomla, Drupal and Magento. WordPress is a Content […]

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BBC’s Doctor Who on… BitTorrent

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BBC’s Doctor Who on… BitTorrent BBC Worldwide today (April 2nd, 2015) released a Doctor Who box set via BitTorrent, in a part-free, part-paid Bundle. The fact that BBC Worldwide is confident enough of BitTorrent should reassure a lot of businesses who had been put off by coverage about piracy. Businesses should take another look and […]

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PR Services Hacked

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PR Services Hacked, Hackers Trade off Inside Information The US recently charged hackers with breaking into PR Newswire, Business Wire and Marketwired’s servers and trading off earnings releases before they were published. IR managers at public companies will inevitably assess security not only at newswire services which distribute announcements but also at their investor relations […]

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