Leverage Brand Ranking Signals

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Leverage Brand Ranking Signals in Negotiations, Partnerships, M&A

When negotiating co-marketing, co-branding and sponsorship deals, and especially joint ventures, having the full picture of the value of your proposed business partner’s online assets can make the difference between success and a near miss or worse. A potential partner will certainly put the highest possible value on what they bring to the table. And you’ll want to evaluate their proposition in detail. The cost-income audit is one customary method of website valuation but there are some drawbacks associated with it:

  1. It may be prohibitively expensive to undertake;
  2. The other side may not disclose sensitive internal financial data to you; and,
  3. It may not tell you the entire story.

However, you can improve your negotiating position by assessing a potential partner’s website using analytics that don’t require proprietary internal data or hefty auditing fees. Measuring a partner’s or target’s site Authority (the strength of its server and pages) and Engagement (the strength of its off-site sociability and interaction) can give you competitive negotiating advantage at a fraction of the cost of a financial audit. SignalsRank reports score the online heft of all brand assets and user interaction on a side-by-side basis to arrive at comparable performance metrics. Unlike cost and income data, which is historic, audience engagement metrics such as the volume and rate of increase or decrease in mentions, tags, etc, is a more accurate predictor of likely audience interest in the future. And it’s the audience that buys the goods.

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