Machine View of Your Digital Footprint

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Machine View of You & Your Digital Footprint

Ever wondered what your brand looks like to machines that run the Internet? Earlier, we visualized how a how a machine scans your digital footprint. Below is a visualization of how a machine assembles vast amounts of such data from multiple sources to create that footprint.

Machines use multiple data points to build a digital footprint

Machines assemble data from your site, profile and elsewhere into a digital “footprint”

Machines Scan Data Points

Of course, a machine can’t “know” that your site is, e.g. mobile friendly — it can’t scroll on a mobile phone; but it does record some 20 – 50 data points that indicate whether your digital content can be requested from, served to and rendered by a mobile device, and how efficiently it does it. (Responsiveness is only one of many criteria that determine mobile friendliness.) It does this using entirely programmatic methods.

Because machines scan everything online (which humans don’t), they record peaks, troughs, gaps and congestion which are invisible to the human eye but essential for campaign optimization.

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