Next Generation of Search: Star Trek Holodeck

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The “Next Generation” of Search

Web search will inevitably give way to “distributed” search. Instead of typing a query into a browser, you’ll ask a ubiquitous digital assistant  (in your phone, watch, car, as well as on your PC). This is already with us.

The digital assistant —  Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa — will search exactly the same database using almost exactly the same ranking criteria as a browser query does. Though of course, it will return different results according to whether you are in your car on a road trip or talking to your new fridge.

Google plans to distribute its Assistant over every device and ultimately to everyday objects and appliances. The company  thinks artificial intelligence and machine learning are now ready for this kind of Big Time (see The key question is not, “is it possible” but, “can Google make it human enough to be used by humans.


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