Optimize for Browsers

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Browsers are the go-between between your site and your users. People don’t actually “visit” your site, they download pages from your server to their browser. Your site needs to perform on an ever-increasing array of browsers, devices, operating systems and networks. Search engines check this, and your users will certainly notice. Which means your technical setup has to account for four things:

  1. 1. An ever-increasing range of browsers
  2. 2. Devices with widely varying performance characteristics
  3. 3. Operating systems with different capabilities
  4. 4. Networks with varying connection speeds

One of the things Google does is mimic how you site behaves on the above combinations: Good SEO = good browser performance = happy users = happy Google = better placing in Google search results. Technical optimization methods enable your website to anticipate each visitor’s combination of the above and adjust the site’s content for them. These are enabled exclusively on your server, site-wide software or pages. Even if you’re not counting on search engines to refer much traffic to your site, we’ll still optimize your site for the browser to give your users the best experience of it irrespective of how they got there.