Optimize for users

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The user experience (UX) is about more than design and copy. The best content will underwhelm users (and underperform in search results) if the underlying technology is poor. The technical structure and quality of your website should encourage, not hinder, users to do what you want them to do.

Once users are finding and visiting your site and getting a great experience on their browsers, the final step in technical optimization is to get them to take the action you want. This will vary by your businesses’ needs – you might want them to sign up for a newsletter, buy something online, subscribe to your blog, follow you on a social network, share your content, order online for pickup in-store, call your sales office, etc. But whatever it is, the key is to guide users to perform the action you want by funnelling them to a Call To Action.

Our technical optimization methods work with your creative presentation and commercial messaging to bring users to your desired Call To Action in as few clicks as possible whilst also ensuring they get the best overall experience of your site.