PR Services Hacked

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    PR Services Hacked, Hackers Trade off Inside Information

The US recently charged hackers with breaking into PR Newswire, Business Wire and Marketwired’s servers and trading off earnings releases before they were published. IR managers at public companies will inevitably assess security not only at newswire services which distribute announcements but also at their investor relations and financial public relations consulting firms who help prepare them.

    Website Security is About More than What’s on a Site

There are some straightforward steps IR/financial PR consulting firms can take to show that they have reasonably anticipated security concerns to prevent “outsider” trading on inside information. Online security is not just about what’s on your site: secure logins are redundant if your site can be hacked deep in the Internet’s operating systems. In fact, if a site’s back end infrastructure is badly set up, a hacker doesn’t even need to get into the actual site to hack it.

    Clients Will Start to Assess Agency Online Set up

Google is already in well into the process of taking security into consideration in evaluating a website. In the communications consulting business as in other sectors, the emphasis on online security will only increase. Make it work to your advantage. In the online era, if you’re offering reputation management and consulting on sensitive topics like financial results and earnings, your own online set up should be optimized and as bulletproof as possible: Smart clients will soon start assessing it.

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