Ranking Signals between websites, social profiles & users

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Ranking Signals between websites, social profiles & users

Unlike individuals, and unlike the tools available to the business in its Webmaster and social media accounts, Internet machines have an aggregate view of every action by every user (and brand) on every platform and over every device.


aggregate machine view of the Internet

Internet machines have an aggregated view of all online activity

Search engines see deep ranking signals, users have a surface view

Webmaster and social profile tools generally give the brand a view of its own sites or profiles. The view can be quite detailed, but it’s limited to the sites and profiles the account holder is allowed access to: It doesn’t give the business a side-by-side comparison of competitor all the activity surrounding sites and profiles. Search engines and other Internet machines see the sum of it all, every occurrence of a brand name on- and -off site, every user post and share in all social networks, every image and video tagged with your brand name, every blog citation, every mention and discussion of the brand, every keyword queried. They gather data that is declared by users, websites and social platforms, and data that is observed from how all these moving parts interact with each other online.


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