Ranking Signals Indicating Brand Success on Social Web

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Ranking Signals Indicate a Brand’s Ability to Succeed on the Social Web

Specific Engagement signals to compare brands on, which indicate their ability to succeed on the social Web, include:

  • Blogosphere. Blog Citations indicate thoughtful conversation and measure user and group Involvement in a subject.
  • Tag Cloud. Tags are used to save, retrieve and share webpages and so are a measure of the Permanence users attach to a subject.
  • Social Networks. Mentions — posts, Likes, Tweets — are instant expressions and measure users’ Attention to a subject at that moment.
  • Digital Multimedia. The number of subscribers, views, shares, pins and the like all indicate various degrees of Involvement, Permanence or Attention.

Groking and Ganking Social Media

Our reports don’t give you the verbatim transcript of what Jbaybe10-4 said on her Blogger post about her zit cream [“… so Babylon 5, totally 404…”]; nor do they tell you what Jg8mr really meant in his Tweet [“…heller cool set, I’m audi to gank it…”]; but nor can the big, expensive social media monitoring services tell you that either. And as a senior marcoms exec, you probably don’t need that level of detail in any case — BTW, the references have nothing to do with the TV show or the car brand. What we can tell you is how important any one social network is to your brand’s overall online Engagement performance, where your audience traction is coming from (and not coming from, and should be coming from), and what your shares of key metrics are compared with your competitors’.

In follow up postings, we’ll look at website Authority signals and at Links, which are a hybrid of Authority and Engagement.

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