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Is your site SLoMo? If not, here’s why it should be…

Social Local and Mobile elements of a website and social profiles

Make your website and social profiles Social Local Mobile SLoMo

On top of everything else, Google has specific criteria for a website’s Social, Local and Mobile (SLoMo) ranking factors.

Meeting these criteria is essential to claiming higher search results because Google prioritizes sites that are socially connected, locally relevant and mobile friendly. Being SLoMo (Social, LOcal, MObile) is important for businesses of all sizes but especially for SMEs — and anyone else who’s not spending large sums of money driving traffic to their site by buying traffic (via search and display advertising, co-marketing partnerships, OEM pre-load deals, affiliates, outbound marketing…) Even if you buy traffic (i.e. you don’t rely on search engine click-throughs), one huge benefit of being SLoMo is that the discipline forces you to make your site work efficiently on a mobile device.

To Go SLoMo

It’s quite straightforward. Just group activities you should be doing anyway under this theme and make them collaborative:

  • amp up the social features and activities Google counts highest
  • leverage the markers Google rates highly for geographical targeting
  • satisfy all Google’s mobile criteria, not just “responsiveness”.

Your customers will love you being SLoMo because:

  • they’ll easily find, follow, link, like and share you in discussions in your business category
  • they’ll find you when they search for your product or service in your location
  • they’ll be able to view your site on any device, over any network, anywhere, anytime.

The summary on SLoMo

SLoMo is good for your online visibility, for your customers and their devices, and for Google:

  • being Social encourages customers to your website and social profiles to engage with you all across the Web
  • being Local enables you to be found for nearby queries and helps Google return relevant ads (which it makes lots of money on)
  • being Mobile is easy on your visitors’ browsers, especially for those using mobile devices.

We do this for businesses in any category seeking local, regional or global customers. So, Go SLoMo!

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