Social Media without the Treadmill

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The Social Media Treadmill & how to get off it

Social media can feel like a treadmill… spending hours in the morning posting, tweeting, blogging, re-blogging, sharing, tagging, friending, following, linking… and then starting the whole process all over again that afternoon. And you’d be right, because the of way social networks function.

Social media process

Run with the process of social media… but get off the treadmill

Say you are connected to 600 people. You post something, it goes to 600 feeds.
Thanks to “feed speed” and filters, it has only a 1 in 3 chance of being seen.
So it’s potentially “see-able” by 200 people.
For small and low name-recognition brands, the average interaction rate is 0.005%.
Which means 0.005 of a percent of a person interacts with it.
That’s not even one-fifth of one person.

If you’re a top brand on Instagram, you’d have a 3% interaction rate (3% of 1 million do something with it)
If you’re a top brand outperforming your peers on Facebook, you’d have a 1% interaction rate (1% of 20 million do something with it).

The more engaging your content, the better your social objects, the higher the probability is they will get picked up and shared by the 0.005 of people who interact with each post — if they start to share with their 600 connections, who each share it with their 600 connection… and so on.

Social content is the driver, and social objects are the key. If you’d like to run with social media but get off the treadmill, talk with us.

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