Technical Optimization

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There’s a temptation to concentrate on page design, copy, multimedia. They’re critical to users but… first, you have to get your site in front of users and keep it in front of them. Which means you have to satisfy Google’s technical checks and the varying performance characteristics of different browsers. There’s also a temptation to focus on on-page SEO. That’s important, but it can’t make up for bad server and site-wide optimization. And, given Google’s direction of travel, and the growth of different devices, operating systems and browsers, it’s less effective on its own than it was. Technical Optimization for Search, Browsers & Users

Technical optimization underpins the three most basic but essential online outcomes for a website:

Technical Optimization for Social, Local, Mobile

Beyond that, the next most important outcomes for any site in any business category are Social, Local and Mobile, or SLoMo. Google wants to see a site that is socially engaged (part of an active community), locally relevant (to queries for local products or services) and mobile friendly (performs well on all browsers, devices, mobile and desktop).

If you’re using Google AdWords/keyword buys, we’ll optimize your landing pages so that you’ll pay less for ads and get better positions for them — Google takes landing-page quality into account when determining prices and positions. No matter how users arrive at your site, you’ll also want to optimize your site to “convert” them — to get them to do something you want them to do.

At a more complex level, technical optimization is indispensable for websites that run special software for specific tasks, for example, a database application, a content management system, a shopping cart or a transaction system, and for sites that have large amounts of frequently changing content or content in multiple languages.

Technical Foundation for Online/Digital Strategy

Optimized technology is the foundation of any online/digital strategy. No matter what activities you’re planning, they’ll be more effective if your technical set up is correct.

Step 1 – Technical Foundation

First, we optimize your entire Website and profiles as discussed (and your blog). Once we’ve set them up correctly (new build) or fixed them (re-build), you’ll only need to re-visit the technical side of things periodically and can concentrate on executing your strategy.

Step 2 — Outreach and Promotion

Then comes outreach and promotion, which can involve link building, social media, blogging, content marketing, advertising — and continuing to add new content and social markup to your website as well as your profiles and blog. We’ll work with you to make this into a series of coherent, joined up actions that send the right activity signals to Google rather than being seen as a series of unconnected events that send the wrong signals — or none at all. Content may be King, but distribution is Queen.