Top 50 Commercial Websites For Sustainability

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Sustainability: The Top 50 Commercial Websites

The Top 50 Commercial Websites as Ranked by Google for Sustainability   In March, to follow up on February’s Top 50 Institutional website list, we produced a list of the Top 50 Commercial websites judged by Google to be the most relevant for the query “sustainability”.

The March list includes all commercial websites — brands, media, consulting, manufacturing, and consumer services businesses; we stripped out .gov, .edu,, and .org domains. On the day we gathered the data, 19th of March, 2013, there were 102 million pages competing in for the term “sustainability”. What is it about these sites that enabled them to claim a Top 50 position?

As with the Institutional list, the answer is a combination of the high Authority of the individual websites and strong overall online Engagement by the individual  brands. As expected (with their pervasive Web presence), there are many multinationals in the Top 50; but there are also many smaller entities which, without the benefit of a big corporate ‘halo’, have earned or built sufficient Authority and Engagement to claim a place in the top results positions. Their methods and practices are instructive to others.

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