Top 50 Institutional Websites for Sustainability

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The Top 50 Institutional Websites for Sustainability as Ranked by

Sustain Worldwide alliance members will have seen the list of Google’s Top 50 Institutional websites for the query “sustainability”.

These are the Institutional sites Google judges to be the most relevant to “sustainability”. We produced this ranking for Sustain Worldwide because the alliance wanted to give its members an insight into how Google views categories and topics, in this case, through the lense of the most trusted sites ending in .gov, .edu,, .org; in other words, with all commercial websites stripped out. When we ran the data on 19th of February, 2013, there were 113 million pages competing for the term “sustainability” in Why are these sites in the Top 50, and not others?

The answer is a combination of two things. One, the sites’ strong Authority — the quality of their content and code, their domain and page strength, the user experience they offer, the ease with which their content can be found, followed and shared; and two, the brands’ strong Engagement — their centrality to the topic, the frequency of their being cited on other websites and blogs, the momentum of their involvement in social networks (mentions, shares, tags, etc), the volume of visitors they receive, and the quality of backlinks pointing to them. The latter is especially important to Google. And, since these Institutional sites are so highly trusted (partly because they’re deemed to be independent of commercial influence, spam links and other manipulation), links from them are highly valuable to the receiving site.


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