Value of Like & Tweet

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The Value of a Like, A Tweet

“Some ‘Likes’ are worth more than others”, observes Elise Ackerman in a Forbes January article about Facebook’s Graph Search. Indeed they are. But there’s more to it than that. Some other actions users can take on Facebook are worth more than Likes. On Twitter, some actions are worth more that Tweets. The same holds more or less true for user interactions on all social networks: in terms of boosting online visibility on a particular social network and on the broader Web, some interactions are significant, others are trivial; some are transient, others are lasting. Further, Engagement activity on some social networks is more valuable to your Web and Social search rankings and your overall digital visibility than on others.

Parsing out the real value to the brand of different types of social interactions and presence on different social platforms has been fundamental to the Engagement part of SignalsRank’s online performance scoring analytics for some years. We’re pleased others are starting to look at social media with the same critical eye. Hopefully, this will lead to a sharpened focus on the quality of online social interactions rather than on the quantity.

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